Awards by YouthCause
There are many ways to get recognized on YouthCause with your posts. Stay engaged and you'll be able to collect your YouthCause certificates and awards, issued in affiliation with World Federation of United Nations Associations.

To become eligible for the awards below, you'll need to meet the criteria in the "How to be eligible" section of each award. Once you've posted a sufficient number of posts, we will begin our evaluation process, which usually takes a few days. We will send you emails to notify you at the beginning and end of our evaluation process.

All awards are issued online and you can view received awards & certificates in the My Page section.
Certificate of Excellence
Student Ambassador
Make five
more posts of any type approved by Youthcause
Student Reporter
Post three
more articles approved by Youthcause
Student Director
Post three
more user created video clips approved by Youthcause
Activity Leader
Post three
more activity-related postsapproved by Youthcause
Outstanding Awards
Outstanding Student
Ambassador Award
Have any three posts
selected by Youthcause
Outstanding Student
Reporter Award
Get three articles
selected by Youthcause
Outstanding Student
Director Award
Get three user created video clips
selected by Youthcause
Global Activity
Leader Award
Get three activity related posts
selected by Youthcause
Grand Prize We evaluate and select the grand prize winners 2 times a year.
Awards and credits are given to these handful of winners, twice a year, on the following dates:
May 15thFor posts submitted from
October 1st to April 30st
October 15thFor posts submitted from
May 1st to September 30th
- The above schedule is subject to change if deemed necessary by YouthCause.Org.
- We are glad to provide the opportunity for students of all nations to become internationally recognized with their interest in SDGs by the United Nations.
General Criteria for Evaluation
Relevance to SDGS
Understanding of Issue
Originality or Creativity
YouthCause Activity Certification Program
What are YouthCause Certified Activities?
How can I receive Leadership Pins for simply pursuing my activity?
Created an activity on YouthCause? As you post your progress and achievements, YouthCause will review your posts quarterly to issue the Leadership Pins based on your effort. Basically, it is a certification program for your activities, so you can officially demonstrate your leadership.
Description of YouthCause Leadership Pins
Bronze Pin
bronze pin
Post 5 or more updates for the activity in a single quarter
Silver Pin
Silver pin
Post 5 or more updates for the given activity in a single quarter after attaining the Bronze Pin.
Gold Pin
Gold pin
Post 5 or more updates for the given activity in a single quarter after attaining the Silver Pin.
Diamond Pin
Diamond pin
Post 5 or more updates for the given activity in a single quarter after attaining the Gold Pin.
- If you post 5 or more post for the given activity, you will be eligible for a leadership pin
- Each quarter, you are given the opportunity to upgrade to the next level
- For example, to reach Diamond Pin, you need to post 5+ updates in each quarter over 4 quarters
- Activity Leaders/Initiators may view the received Leadership Pins in the My Award section
- For each Pin, you will also receive a certificate online, saved to your My Award section